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Wood Grain / Stone Grain Fibreglass Restaurant / Canteen Table and Chair Malaysia


A. Restaurant / Cafe Tables / Meja Restoran / Kafe

B. Restaurant / Cafe Chairs / Kerusi Restoran / Kafe

C. Bar Sets/ Set Bar

D. Outdoor Stainless Steel Furniture / Perabot Outdoor Stainless Steel

E. Canteen Furnitures / Perabot Kantin

F. Other Furniture

G. Cages

Fibreglass tables are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use in cafes and restaurants. A full range of different shapes and sizes are available depending based on the desired application. Let’s explore some of the fundamentals of wood grain& stone grain fiberglass tables:

Indoor vs. outdoor

When it comes to the fiberglass table tops, customers can choose from a wide variety of wood grain and stone grain options. Fibreglass restaurant tables for outdoor applications have a UV protected and very durable waterproof top.

Some fiberglass furniture is designed for indoor use, and may thus be discolored when used outdoor. It’s imperative to use UV resistant tables for indoor spaces too. Such tables effectively block sun rays that may be coming in through windows and doorways. In this regards, UV resistant tables are ideal if you are looking for long-lasting performance.


A restaurant table needs to be well crafted and robust. Also, it should accommodate enough people.  As a cafe/restaurant owner, you want a quality fiberglass restaurant table that can withstand a demanding commercial application. The right fiberglass table should enable extended use without having to worry about scuffs, scratches, dents, and other things damaging it.

Table Bases

There is a wide range of table bases for fiberglass restaurant table. It is essential that table bases are well designed and fabricated to ensure a very robust and stable restaurant table. Also, they should be resistant to corrosion.  Some tables have adjustable leveling feet.



One of the profound benefits of wood grain and stain grain fiberglass table is that they require minimal maintenance. The tables are stain resistant and enable easy clean. In restaurant applications, you want superior furniture that will be easy to keep in optimal condition, with minimal effort.


You want furniture that adds some beauty and style to your restaurant. When it comes to wood grain and stone grain, there is an impressive range of colors to choose from. In this regards, you can easily find a table that matches your spaces. It’s imperative to choose your color based on personal preference rather than trendy hue.


When it comes to restaurant furniture, many business owners prefer relatively lighter tables. Fibreglass furniture is very light and is thus easy to move around. This promotes convenience.


As a customer-centric business, you want to provide the utmost comfort for your customers. Tables and chairs with modern and robust designs make your customers very comfortable. Ultimately, having poorly designed furniture will chase your customer away.

Your furniture supplier of choice

Looking for quality wood grain & stone grain fiberglass tables in Malaysia? Contact us today for a customized package.

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