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A. Restaurant / Cafe Tables / Meja Restoran / Kafe

B. Restaurant / Cafe Chairs / Kerusi Restoran / Kafe

C. Bar Sets/ Set Bar

D. Outdoor Stainless Steel Furniture / Perabot Outdoor Stainless Steel

E. Canteen Furnitures / Perabot Kantin

F. Other Furniture

G. Cages

H. Job References

Wire shelvings are designed to handle heavy-duty loads in a more organized manner. Whether you run a warehouse, restaurant, warehouse, cafeteria, or hotel, wire shelving are sure to meet the unique storage and display needs of your business. The material is visually appealing, and won’t clash with your existing home or office aesthetic. So, what are some of the profound advantages you can expect when using wire shelvings?

Save time
Wire shelves help to organize your items and equipment, so that they are visible and easy to find. Consequently, you save a lot of time when it comes to filling orders or locating a specific item. As a business, the importance of properly organizing your inventory cannot be overstated.

Your spaces certainly look great with everything well organized in its place, due to the benefits of wire shelving.

Wire shelving allows for greater visibility of stored items and maximum light penetration. Also, the open wire construction allows free air circulations. The minimal design can match any décor.

Versatile usage
The wire shelvings are designed for both residential and commercial spaces. The latest wire shelving from Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd can be adjustable to various heights easily. Our range of shelves caters for a variety of spaces and applications, ranging in width and load capacities. The wirings have been widely adopted to provide the ideal storage solution for industrial workshops.

The shelf can be adjusted to accommodate products or equipment of different shapes and sizes. It offers the rigidity of solid metal. Also, wire shelves can be easily moved from place to place, making them a viable investment.

Wire shelvings are comparatively safer when it comes to the issue of fire safety. Given that they are made of strong and durable material, wire shelvings are more likely to survive fire hazards. It’s worth mentioning that in case of a fire, the open design allows sprinkler systems to effectively function where solid shelving might block the water flow.

No Maintenance
Enjoy long-lived storage with no maintenance! This is unlike other materials such as wood that can get scuffed and scraped, and requires frequent re-sanding. The shelvings are made of stainless steel material that is environment and element proof. In this regards, you don’t have to worry that changing weather conditions will wreak havoc on your shelves. Stainless steel is unmatched when it comes to durability.

Product quality
Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd produces wire shelving from beginning to end. This allows us to identify and evaluate procedures to ensure the production of a quality product.

Good Capacity
Berjaya offers an extensive range of differently sized shelving units. Your wire shelvings of choice primarily depend on the size unit you go for. The shelvings can fit any space you may be trying to optimize in your home or business premises.

Wire shelvings are incredibly cost-effective compared to wooden shelving, and provide more advantages as we have explored above. The products are affordable, especially when it comes to bulk storage spaces.
Why buy from us?

Looking for wire shelvings in Malaysia? Choose Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd for the best quality storage solutions at competitive prices. Our wire shelvings are easy to assemble without the need for any special tools. In this regard, you can transform your spaces within a short time. As a formidable manufacturer in Malaysia, we are synonymous with product quality and customer service. We can handle bulk orders from wholesalers and retailers. Contact us today for a custom package.


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