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Tolix Chair Malaysia

Today, tolix chairs have increasingly become an essential element for both interiors and exteriors. The furniture has been widely adopted by homeowners, business people and interior decorators to create minimalist décor.

The profound benefits of tolix chairs have made them popular furniture in Malaysia and beyond. When it comes to areas of application, you can include the chairs in homes, factories, offices, bars and cafes, among other spaces. With many shapes and colours available, the possibilities are endless!

Multiple finish and color options

The Berjaya tolix chairs easily stand out, and add character to your spaces with their finish and solid appearance. Also, their charming look, makes them ideal to create an intimate and casual ambience without breaking the bank.

The modern, sleek appearance makes them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.  Our chairs come in a variety of colors, thus easy to blend in with your fittings, style and decor. You can choose a vibrant in case you want to make a statement in your workspace.

Modern, Industrial style

Tolix chairs are robust enough for use in a wide range of applications. It’s worth mentioning that they are ideal for both indoors and outdoor use. The anti-rust material makes the furniture perfect for commercial spaces such as bar, cafe and restaurant, where you cannot avoid spills and stains.

Space-saving chair

Toxic chairs have a stackable design, thus saving a lot of space and making them highly suitable for events, party and other commercial use. For home spaces, you can easily store away tolix chairs when not in use, or when cleaning your home.


Despite their solid look and robust material, tolix chairs are surprisingly comfortable. Also, the solid stability and lightweight design make them very practical. We strongly recommend choosing an ergonomic design with a backrest for better support and stability. Also, you can add a matching seat cushion for enhanced comfort.

Easy maintenance

Any busy commercial space requires chairs that can be maintained with minimal effort. It’s worth mentioning that there is hardly any maintenance needed after you purchase a tolix chair. You just have to periodically wipe them with a piece of cloth to clean any spills or debris.

Value for money

Tolix chairs are a great investment and value for money.  The chairs are highly durable, and you can rest assured that the furniture will last many years to come, even when used in busy environments. At Berjaya, we have a stringent quality control process to make sure the furniture meets the market needs.

Why choose us?

Looking for premium Tolix armchairs in Malaysia? The latest tolix chairs from Berjaya are very general-purpose, and you can use them in a variety of spaces and applications. As a leading furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, our team goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer great offers for bulk orders or even individual purchases. Contact us today for a full product list.















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