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A public bench is often an overlooked piece of furniture. The importance of public benches for both indoor and outdoor spaces cannot be overstated. Today, many furniture manufactures are ditching traditional materials such as wood and using fibreglass to design strong, durable and visually appealing furniture.

Given the minimal molding restrictions of fibreglass, innovative manufacturers such as Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd can work with unlimited possibilities. These latest fibreglass public benches from our company can serve as public area seating and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Everyone needs a product that is appealing to the eyes. Fibreglass benches finishes provide stunning appearance when it comes to outdoor furniture. The contemporary benches can make your spaces look more modern and are ideal for both commercial and residential environment.

Long-Lasting and Strong
Besides their high-end feel and sleek look, fibreglass has a lot of technical advantages. The profound benefit of choosing fibreglass over other material is that it is incredibly stronger than even sheet metal.

Additionally, fibreglass benches are resistant to aggressive chemicals, and liquids. This makes them ideal for outdoors, where there is a risk of corrosion. The benches are highly suitable for outdoor use in areas where surrounding air has high salt content.

If you worried about fire resistance, the fire-retardant material stand outs against fire and will scorch but not burn out. The material is visually appealing, yet strong enough to withstand any form of tough handling. At Berjaya, you can be certain of high strength, dimensionally stable benches.

Minimal maintenance
Fibreglass public benches have unrivalled durability and long life, even in demanding conditions. Also, dirt can be easily wiped off and the smooth surface provides an easy to clean surface. We highly recommend having a genuine dealer if you want to derive maximum benefit from your furniture.

Cost-effective furniture solutions
Fibreglass public benches from Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd are commercial grade and long-lasting. They are proven and tested, especially for outdoor applications in residential and commercial spaces. Suitable areas include outdoor garden public seating, library reading corner seats, shopping mall seating area along corridor, and lobby waiting chair, among others. Ultimately, Fibreglass public benches provide more value for money compared to alternatives in the market.

Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd is a premier brand when it comes to fibreglass furniture in Malaysia, offering durability and unique features that make it the ideal choice for your home, workplace, industrial workshop or retail space. We manufacture and supply the best quality outdoor and indoor benches using the latest technology from the market. If you looking for fibreglass public benches, feel free to talk to us for any enquiries.




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