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Factors To Consider When Buying Canteen Tables And Chairs

Your canteen tables and chairs are not what you just purchase at random. You have to consider several factors to select your canteen tables and chairs. It is a natural instinct to go for canteen tables and chairs with the least cost. However, there are more important qualities than purchase cost.

Even if you are basing your choice on cost-effectiveness, using purchase cost alone may be misleading. Purchase cost must be considered with durability. As an illustration, consider these two chairs and decide which is really cheaper and more cost effective.

A unit of chair A costs $20 but it will serve you for at least 6 years while a unit of another chair B costs just $5 but it hardly works for more than a year before it cracks and breaks. Initially, you will think chair B is a great deal because $5 is a far cry from $20. If you have to use chair B for 6 years, you will buy 6 since they will be coming one after the other. Here is the arithmetic, 6 years multiplied by $5 will amount to $30.

This means that if you stick to only chair B, you will spend $30 in 6 years but if you had purchased chair A, the only one you bought will still be serving you. In the long run, chair A will save you $10. So, which of the chairs is really cheaper? Durability is much more important than the price.

You should consider color

The colors of your tables and chairs are important too. You should go for colors that either match the colors of your walls and floor or go along with them. In addition, it is better to select either black or white because they are universal colors and they go with all other colors. Remember, you may decide to give your canteen a facelift by repainting the walls. You won’t need to replace your tables and chairs.

You should consider comfort

The most important quality of a chair is comfortableness. Your customers need to be comfortable while eating. The challenge here is that a lot of chairs look so beautiful and stylish because of their great finish but they are not comfortable.

Their great looks may sometimes attract buyers so much that they won’t even bother about checking the level of comfort. Needless to say lack of comfortable chairs can drastically reduce the number of your customers.

Variety also matters

You can only get the best if you make your choice among a wide variety of tables and chairs. So, you should patronize only a store that offers a wide range of designs and colors.

In conclusion, you can only get a very good deal if you check several supply stores before you decide where to make your purchase.

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