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Stainless Steel Swing Gate

Stainless Steel Swing Gate Pre-Order Considerations


When purchasing a stainless steel swing gate, there is a wide selection of choices to be made. Some of the simpler options like size are dictated by the size of the opening and local building codes. For example, if the opening is 30’ wide, a double gate ie: two 15’ gates, is a wiser choice than having a single 30’ gate.


In this case, two 15’ swing gates require less extensive mounting hardware, and each gate is obviously lighter than its 30’ counterpart would be. There is, however a trade-off to having 2 gates vs. 1: If the gate is to be swung open and closed by a mechanical device, rather than pushed or pulled by hand, 2 gates require 2 sets of opening and closing mechanisms. Also, 2 stainless steel swing gates are often more difficult to secure than a single gate would be. Because both gates move, they are nominally easier to force open than one gate that hinges and is secured to a fixed object on either side.


Once the choice of single vs. multiple stainless steel swing gates is made, the purchaser must begin to make the choices involving style and decorations. If the gate is being used in an industrial application, very often the style of a gate is overlooked, and function is emphasized more than aesthetics in the choice of a stainless steel swing gate. However, in a residential or commercial setting, style can very much come into play.


In commercial settings, the style of a stainless steel swing gate can be dictated by things like local building codes, or in the case of commercial office or retail developments, by the landowner. Many business developments strive to keep all of the retail or office outlets within their area looking identical, making business owners use the same color of exterior paints and trims on their buildings. The same is true of any fences or gates that may be added by the business owner. If in doubt about whether or not the stainless steel swing gate being selected complies with local or governmental requirements, be sure to consult building codes or landlords prior to ordering a gate!


The same restrictions that apply to style and color in commercial or retail settings can often apply to residential settings. However, homeowners are often given a little more freedom to make final decisions. Rather than having to select a single color for a stainless steel swing gate, residents are often allowed a range of colors to choose from, or more often are allowed to select from broader choices that are descriptions, rather than actual colors or finishes. A homeowners association may dictate colors and describe them as “muted” or may even simply restrict certain colors from being used, while allowing all others. As in a commercial or retail setting, if there is any doubt as to the style or color selection to be used, be sure to consult with local building codes or the HOA to ensure compliance with any rules or regulations.

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