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Stainless Steel Letter Box

Why A Stainless Steel Letterbox Is Right For You


Where do you live? Do you trust your neighbors and other people passing through your community? What type of packages and parcels do you receive in the mail? These are the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself when considering what kind of letter box to purchase. If you care at all about your mail, then it benefits you to at least consider purchasing a stainless steel letter box.


Here are some reasons that stainless steel stands above other conventional materials:


•             It’s an iron alloy, so it takes a lot to get it to chip, bend, or crack


•             It looks good – it’s shiny and hold that appearance


•             Water can’t penetrate it easily


•             It can be produced in large sheets so the need for welding is minimal, and this reduces fracture points


•             It won’t rust


That’s right. A stainless steel letter box won’t rust. Stainless steel, like many other metals, is an alloy. It generally contains around ten to eleven percent of a compound called chromium. When air hits stainless steel, a layer of chromium oxide is forms around it. Rust occurs when steel oxidizes, so the same process is happening with stainless steel but the chromium oxide is taking the place of the rust. Anything protected by stainless steel stays that way, protected. These are some common industrial uses of stainless steel:


•             As a building material on large structures that have to endure of lot of stress and impact


•             Surgical instruments (including scalpels), most dental instruments, and operating tables themselves


•             Giant offshore drilling platforms and rigs


•             As containers for highly toxic or caustic substances – this comes in handy in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries


•             Natural Gas corrodes material at a fast rate, making stainless steel an idea material for housing


•             Desalinization plants use stainless steel to keep salt water from rusting the pipes


•             It’s the go-to alloy for the cooling tubs in nuclear power plants


If stainless steel is the preferred alloy for all of these other applications, then surely it can be used efficiently as the material for a letter box. Your information and online orders are valuable – especially your information. Don’t trust your mail to an aluminum, iron, or plastic letter box. Buying a stainless steel letter box may cost a little more but it’s worth it. For one thing it may be the only letter box you’re ever going to need to purchase. It actually saves you money in the long run. You owe it to yourself to think about acquiring a stainless steel letter box. There are more important things in the world than a letter box, but why not have the best one you can get?

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