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Stainless Steel Fence

Stainless Steel Fence Advantages


Stainless steel fence offers a number of advantages to the user including longer life, and a huge variety of design choices. These are some of the advantages of stainless steel fencing.


1) Durability


Stainless steel fence has a longer useful lifetime than any other material that is used for fencing. Stainless steel fence resists corrosion from pollutants and weather because the steel is alloyed with chromium. Durability reduces maintenance costs and increases the lifetime of stainless steel fencing saving the consumer money.


2) Strength


Chromium and other alloying minerals give stainless steel fence a higher level of strength than other materials. The strength is most often seen in an increase in load bearing capacity. Stainless steel fence can add support in a structure that would not be available in other decorative materials.


3) Eye Appeal


Stainless steel fence can be very bright and shiny or have a matte finish. The variety of brightness of the fencing can aid in drawing attention to an area of a building or a residence. The variety of shine in stainless steel fence allows a perfect match to any color, décor, or material in any building.


4) Design choice


Stainless steel fence can be molded into any shape or design imaginable. The material can make the most ornate and delicate designs possible. The variety of predesigned fencing is large. Special designs can be made with a client’s drawing or sketch. Any design is possible.


5) Ease of installation


Stainless steel fence can be wire strands strung between posts or panels hung together between posts. The simple design allows for fast installation. Businesses that are looking to improve their visual appeal do not have to wait weeks for installation that increases their profit.


6) Construction strength


Stainless steel fence is welded together. The welding adds a much higher level of resistance to damage from wind and water than other fencing materials. The strength is also an advantage in preventing animals and children from escaping their homes. The fence can also protect a property from unwanted entry by animals.


7) Damage resistance


Stainless steel fence is the only fencing material that does not require paint or special treatment to assure longevity. The material is chemically composed to heal itself. Damage from sun light, pollution, automobile exhaust, and chemicals cannot damage stainless steel fence.


8) Environmentally safe


Stainless steel is not reactive. This means that stainless steel fence will not contaminate the environment due to the loss of any component into the air, soil, or water. Stainless steel is completely recyclable. The recyclable nature of stainless steel fence allows the owner to get a portion of the cost of new fencing back when they need to replace their fencing.


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