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Polycarbonate Awning

What You Need To Know About Polycarbonate Awning


These are the most important facts about polycarbonate awnings that will make your decision about the awnings and the material easier.


1) Polycarbonate awnings are cool


A polycarbonate awning placed above a showroom window, an entry to a home, or in a garden where delicate plants live can reduce the temperature by as much as 30 percent versus the outside temperature. The awnings protect people, animals, and plants from exposure to too much sun.


2) Any color is possible


Polycarbonate is a polymeric material that can be mixed with an enormous variety of colorants to produce a color that fits the existing material and color of any entry or window. The idea is that you design the awning to fit your structure.


3) Awnings add visual appeal


The correct choice of color in a polycarbonate awning can make your business or residence more attractive. A splash of color or a decorative design has the ability to entice people into your business or make them envious of your taste and style in decorating your residence.


4) Polycarbonate awnings can be any shape


The material is a polymer. The chemical is liquid at room temperatures. Molds can be made that form the polymer into any shape imaginable. The polymer is added to the mold and cured to make the panel sections that go together to make an awning.


5) You can select how much light you want


Polycarbonate awning can be absolutely clear or opaque. This flexibility in light transfer allows you to select the level of light that you want in a given area as well as helping you manage the temperature.


6) Polycarbonate awnings are structurally sound


A stainless steel frame forms the body that encases polycarbonate panels and anchors the structure to any wall. The panels fit into grooves in the steel. The entire assembly is anchored to the all with bolts that keep the frame secure but do not damage the wall material. The awnings are safe. Framing material can be painted any color to go with the awning and the building.


7) Polycarbonate awnings are low maintenance


The structure of the polycarbonate material is naturally resistant to corrosion. The polymer has no active chemical sites that corrosives can attack. This property guarantees a long life for a polycarbonate awning. The most one may have to do is wash dirt or debris off of the awning occasionally.


8) Polycarbonate is chemically inert


The polymer will not react with anything. No known chemical or biological material can make polycarbonate awnings decay or lose its color or shape over time. This means there is no potential for environmental damage, no chance of staining the façade of your home or business, and a long life for the awning.


9) Polycarbonate awnings are inexpensive


The cost of design, manufacture, and installation of a polycarbonate awning is low compared to other materials. The real cost saving is in the long life of the material and the low cost of maintenance.


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