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Fully Welded Stainless Steel Grade 304 (3x3ft) Dog Cage, valued buy. 全焊接 304 等级 (3x3尺) 狗笼,物有所价

Product Code: SSDC33

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Model 款 Description 产品描述 (L x W x H) (长x宽x高) (mm)(inches)    Weight        重量        
3 x 3 x 4ft
Stainless Steel (3x3ft) Dog Cage
不锈钢 (3x3尺) 狗笼


(38" x 38" x 51")

(36” x 36” x 39  6/8")                                         

36 KG

Prices include GST and delivery to your door step.




Note :
-    Ext.Dimension includes roof and stands.
-    Int.Dimension covers only space for dog movement.
-    Fully welded means the cage is fully built and cannot be knock down.


Details 更多资料


Optional 选项:
(a)    Add 4 pcs of 304 Stainless Steel brake caster wheels of 4 inches diameter.


add RM 320
要加 RM 320

(b)    Add small door to existing door 在原有的门再加多一个小门。

add RM 60
要加 RM 60


 Model 款 Weight (Kg) 重量 Description 产品描述  Klang Valley
Seremban / Malacca / Ipoh Batu Pahat / Johor / Penang / Nibong Tebal Alor Star / Sg.Petani / Terengganu / Kelantan
SSDC33-W (3x3x4ft)  40 Stainless Steel (3x3ft) Dog Cage with caster wheels only
不锈钢 (3x3尺) 狗笼只加脚轮                                                                                              
RM 2370        RM 2465  RM  2540         RM 2610 

SSDC33-D (3x3x4ft)

 37 Stainless Steel (3x3ft) Dog Cage with small door only
不锈钢 (3x3ft)) 狗笼只加小门
 RM 2110 RM 2205  RM 2280  RM 2350 
SSDC33-WD (3x3x4ft)  41  Stainless Steel (3x3ft) Dog Cage with Caster Wheel & small door
不锈钢 (3x3ft) 狗笼加脚轮及小门
 RM 2430 RM 2525  RM 2600  RM 2670 



Explaination of Optional Models  选项款式说明 



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Stainless Steel Dog Cage

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