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Fully Welded Stainless Steel Grade 304 (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage High (small), valued buy. 全焊接 304 等级 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼,物有所价

Product Code: SSDC3H

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Model 款 Description 产品描述 (L x W x H) (长x宽x高) (mm) (inches) Weight 重量


3 x 2 x 3.3ft

Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage High (small) 
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼
970 x 660 x 1006
(38” x 26” x 39.6”)
910 x 610 x 770
(36” x 24” x 30.6”)
25 KG

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Note :
-    Ext.Dimension includes roof and stands.
-    Int.Dimension covers only space for dog movement.
-    Fully welded means the cage is fully built and cannot be knock down.


Details 更多资料


Optional 选项:
(a)    Add 4 pcs of 304 Stainless Steel brake caster wheels of 4 inches diameter.


add RM 320
要加 RM 320

(b)    Add small door to existing door 在原有的门再加多一个小门。

add RM 60
要加 RM 60



 Model 款 Weight (Kg) 重量 Description 产品描述  Klang Valley
Seremban / Malacca/ Ipoh Batu Pahat / Johor Bharu/ Penang / Nibong Tebal Alor Star/ Sg.Petani / Terengganu / Kelantan
SSDC3H-W (3x2x3.3ft)  29 Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage with caster wheels only
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼只加脚轮                                                                                       
RM 1770        RM 1865  RM 1940  RM 2010 



 26 Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage with small door only
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼只加小门
 RM 1510 RM 1605  RM 1680  RM 1750 


 30  Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage with Caster Wheel & small door
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼加脚轮及小门
 RM 1830 RM 1925  RM 2000  RM 2070 


Explaination of Optional Models  选项款式说明 




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Stainless Steel Dog Cage

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